91 tests of your full body at just Rs 3549

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91 tests of your full body at just Rs 3549

Comprehensive platinum full body checkup Test Includes 91 tests

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Test Preparation :
8–12 hours of fasting over the night. Prior to the test, only water should be consumed. Preferably, the urine sample should come from the midstream, or the portion of the pee that comes after the first and before the last stream. Use the sealed, sterile container that our sample collection expert has provided to collect the urine sample. Make sure your skin doesn’t come into contact with the container. Please be aware that a urine sample is included in this package. You must submit all of the package’s samples at the time of sample collection. Women are recommended to avoid giving the sample unless specifically instructed to do so during their period.

What is Comprehensive Platinum Full Body Checkup?

Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can slowly harm our health. Early identification can aid in identifying the bodily symptoms of diseases that are hidden from view.

Comprehensive Platinum Full Body Checkup Package offers a wide range of tests that examine your liver, heart, and kidney function as well as your blood sugar, thyroid level, digestive health, immune system, lipid profile, blood profile, vitamins, urine, and more.

Allergy tests, pancreatic enzymes, and cardiac risk markers are included in the Comprehensive Gold Full Body Checkup Package in addition to all of its other features.

You can buy this package, which is a component of our “premium range” of diagnostic tests, once every 6 to 12 months or as your doctor directs.



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