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v gard water purifier



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Your family deserves a save water

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Buy V-Guard RequPro True High Recovery RO UV UF Water Purifier

| 8 Stage Purification with Mineral Health Charger | 60% Water Recovery & 100% RO Purified Water | Free PAN India Installation & 1-Year Comprehensive Warranty | Black

-43% off  ₹14,299
M.R.P. : ₹24,999
Brand V-Guard
Colour Black
Product Dimensions 27L x 35.6W x 48.3H Centimeters
Package Information Dispenser
Power Source Corded Electric

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About this item
  • True High Recovery: With its advanced High Recovery RO technology, RequPro Water Purifier can save 3X more water than conventional RO systems, while still delivering clean and safe, RO-purified water, even in high TDS conditions. But that is not all, it also boasts an impressive 60% RO water recovery rate, compared to the standard 20%  RO recovery rate of traditional RO water purifiers.​
  • 100% RO Purified Water: Unlike other water purifiers that bypass the RO Membrane, 100% water passes through the RO Membrane in RequPro Water Purifier to ensure safe and pure drinking water without compromising the health of your family members.​
  • Mineral Enhancer: RequPro adds new life to your water by restoring and enhancing essential minerals, viz., Calcium and Magnesium, that are lost during the purification process, thus making the water healthier and tastier.​
  • 8-Stage Purification Process: RequPro Water Purifier features a 8-stage purification process that combines world-class high recovery RO membrane with UV+UF purification stages. It effectively eliminates impurities and provides you with safe and clean drinking water. This advanced purification system guarantees long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance hassle.​
  • Made for Indian Water Conditions: RequPro Water Purifier can treat water with up to 2000 TDS levels, making filtration suitable for water from borewells, tankers & municipalities.  ​
  • Long-Lasting Filters: Each filter in RequPro is made to complement the others and endure the abrasiveness of Indian water for extended periods, providing sustained optimal performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements
  • One-Year Comprehensive Warranty: V-Guard RequPro Water Purifier comes with one-year comprehensive warranty that covers filters, RO membrane, and electrical parts.​
  • Support and Maintenance: With 235+ service centers, direct company service in 7 metros, and 1200+ trained technicians, V-Guard provides PAN-India support to consumers. V-Guard proactively reaches out to their customers every 5th and 11th month of the year or whenever the service is due. Thus, making RequPro their ultimate choice. 

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