FLAT 53% OFF OFFER | Ultimate Summer Combo.

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FLAT 53% OFF OFFER | Ultimate Summer Combo.

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Beardo summer essential combo

M.R.P ₹2,093     Sale price₹999

In This Combo Offers You Get Various Products !!


  • Hair Serum (50ml)
  • Ultraglow Facewash (100ml)
  • Beardo Mariner Captain Jack Perfume Body Spray (120ml)
  •   Ultraglow Bodywash (200ml)
  • Max Sunscreen Spray (50ml)
  • De-Tan Scrub (100g)

Brightens the skin tone & Very high UVA, UVB & IR protection with PA +++ rating  | Exfoliates and cleanses skin .

Products Suitable For All Skin & Hair Types Without Doing Any Damages To Your Skin or Hair.

The Beardo Hair Serum is a potent formulation comprising of natural elements that effectively safeguards the scalp from any detrimental effects while preventing the occurrence of graying hair. Moreover, it actively stimulates the growth of hair. By incorporating the Hair Serum into your daily routine, a remarkable metamorphosis takes place as the gray strands fade away, imparting a youthful and vibrant appearance. Within our extensive range of hair styling products, this enchanting hair serum stands out as one of the most efficacious options, ensuring that your hair always exudes a lustrous shine and a velvety texture, all the while effectively preventing the onset of graying.



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