Get women regular test of 44 at just Rs1529

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Get women regular test of 44 at just Rs1529

Women Wellness Advanced Package Test Includes 44 Tests at just Rs 1529

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you need to provide blood only & this test for womens only


Test Preparation

overnight (8–12 hour) fasting. Prior to the test, only water should be consumed.


What is Women Wellness Advanced Package?

The Women’s Wellness Advanced Package is designed to screen women for the majority of common disorders, such as anaemia and thyroid imbalance. Assessing hormone imbalance, which is extremely prevalent in women as a result of lifestyle changes, is also helpful. Three crucial female hormones, FSH, LH, and prolactin, are included in the hormonal assays. The lipid profile test and blood glucose test, which help with the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, are also included in this package.

This package offers a more thorough health checkup for women and includes tests for calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, an iron deficiency profile, and vitamin deficiencies.

Tests Included (44 tests)

Iron Studies , Basic(includes 4 tests) , Calcium , Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate , Thyroid profile Total(includes 3 tests) , Vitamin B12 , FSH-LH-Prolactin(includes 3 tests) , Vitamin D (25-OH) , Lipid Profile(includes 8 tests) , Complete Blood Count(includes 21 tests) , Glucose – Fasting

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