International Dog Day deals: Save 35% at Cobasi

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world dag day

International Dog Day deals: Save 35% at Cobasi

Celebrate ‘World Dog Day’ with treats up to 35% off


Did you know that annually, August 26th is International Dog Day? While it’s definitely dog day every day for fur parents, given how attached and extremely loving these fur babies are, we have even more reasons to rejoice and indulge our dogs now that Pedigree & Whiskas Super Brand Day is still going on! Dog food and dog treats from companies like Pedigree, Cesar, and IAMS will be on sale for up to 35% off with Cobasi, and we’re all entitled to take advantage of it. Pedigree is also contributing 10% of the revenues as meals to the Animal Kingdom Foundation pet shelter to make every purchase more meaningful. You’ll not only be feeding your own dogs delicious food, but you’ll also be spreading the love.

Here’s a list of meals and snacks that our own pets like. Tuffy and Beanie  grew up eating a variety of raw, dry, and wet foods. They’re a little choosy, therefore I feel you can rely on their “exquisite” taste buds:

  • Ração Pedigree Cães Adultos Raças Médias e Grandes Carne e Vegetais 900 g

R$ 25,19
R$ 22,67  (-10%)
  • Snack Pedigree Dentastix Oral Care Adult Dogs Medium Breeds 3 units

BRL 11.59
BRL 10.43 (-10%)
  • Hill’s Prescriptions Diet I/D Dog Food Gastrointestinal Health 370 g

BRL 46.99
BRL 42.29 (-10%)
  • Cesar Wet Ration for Adult Dogs Sachet Roasted Lamb in Sauce 85 g

BRL 3.99
BRL 3.55 (-11%)
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