Review of the OnePlus Monitor X27: Elegant and sharp

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oneplus monitor x27

Review of the OnePlus Monitor X27: Elegant and sharp

A 27-inch monitor called the OnePlus Monitor X27 is particularly designed for people who need to push the limits in their gaming and possibly their professional lives.

Oneplus Monitors

The brand OnePlus doesn’t want to confine itself to just devices. The brand is actually highly influenced by Apple in terms of how it views technology and the ecosystem of products that can be produced by a single company, entangling the customer in a web of allegiance. And for this reason, OnePlus has expanded its product portfolio over time. And now it has developed monitors designed to provide its consumers an additional large-screen experience. Here is what I’ve learned from my recent use of the top-tier OnePlus Monitor X27.

OnePlus Monitor X27 Review

A 27-inch monitor called the OnePlus Monitor X27 is particularly intended for people who need to push the limits in their work and/or gaming lives. Since I don’t have time for anything fun in my life, any interest I may have had in gaming has been gone. Hence, my goal was to determine whether having an additional monitor would enhance my workday and increase my productivity.

Setting up the OnePlus Monitor X27 is not that difficult. Like we have come to anticipate from OnePlus, it has a robust yet fashionable design. The 27-inch monitor is held securely by the metal beam that supports the square base and may be tilted, swivelled, and fully rotated. This means that, if necessary, the display may be swiftly turned vertical thanks to the stand’s many angle adjustments. Given that it supports such a large display, this monitor stand has to be among the best designs ever.

Not behind the monitor, but at its base, are the controls and ports. Even though you won’t need many because the USB-C option took care of the most of my demands, the wires may be stowed behind the laptop simply. Anyhow, for those who like such, there are other choices with HDMI and DP.

The fact that you had to turn on the five buttons at the bottom in order to access the menu and adjust settings made the controls feel a little dated to me. The options allow you to switch between the various inputs, activate HDR mode, enable custom colour profiles, modify image presets, and increase response speed.


The gorgeous and sharp 2560x1440p (QHD) IPS panel has 350 nits of brightness. This brought to mind OnePlus phone screens, which have always been outstanding but are rarely mentioned in the same sentence as a Samsung.

I couldn’t help but notice how monitor technology has advanced over time when I watched Apple TV’s Liberation on the monitor with its exceptionally dark colours. A few years ago, such a dark colour combination would have produced a lot of ghosting, requiring you to turn off all of the room’s lights and find the ideal vantage point. And at this point, you realise that OnePlus is a business that has definitely figured out what it takes and also produces large-screen televisions rather successfully.

The OnePlus Monitor X27 aims to win over gamers with its up to 165Hz refresh rate and blisteringly quick 1ms response time with AMD Freesync Premium. But This is loaded with features that will captivate players and keep them playing.

But I did say that I wasn’t a gamer. I wanted to test a monitor that could handle a vertical screen with a 90-degree turn for some covert reasons. I needed a monitor so I could keep an eye on my websites. However, managing a website the size of makes me constantly yearn for a better perspective of the homepage. A vertical screen allows me to view much more of the homepage at once, which makes it easier for me to gain a comprehensive understanding of what we are providing for our readers. Given that it could simply rotate the screen vertically and choose the orientation in the iMac’s extended screen settings, the OnePlus Monitor X27 performed flawlessly on this front. It Was never this simple.

I had to slightly reduce the sharpness of the display in the settings since I occasionally thought it was too sharp. The monitor does feature a 3.5mm connection, but it does not have an internal speaker. The ports at the bottom of the screen, where I could also feel some warmth, are there for a reason.

The OnePlus Monitor X27, which costs Rs 27,999, is the ideal additional screen for someone like me who wants to get a competitive advantage in the workplace. Even gamers who desire a speedy reaction that might make all the difference in their efforts should consider it as a superb option. Also, this is ideal for taking in more content.

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