“Safeguard Your Life: Avail a 20% Discount on Accidental Coverage

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“Safeguard Your Life: Avail a 20% Discount on Accidental Coverage

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Allianz Accident Protect Plus Accident Protect Plus by Allianz
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  • Medical & Surgical Expenses – Chiropractor/TCM/Physio claim sub-limit
  • Traumatic Injury
  • Radiographic Imaging shall mean an X-ray, MRI Scan, CT scan, or any radiographic scan performed by a licensed radiographer or radiologist.
  • Infectious Diseases Covered
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery -reconstructive surgery is covered if it is done to restore function or appearance after an accident or infectious disease, is medically necessary, and pre approved in writing.


The Insured Person must be:
a. Holding a valid Singapore identification document such as Singapore NRIC, Employment Pass, Work Permit, Long Term Visit Pass, Student Pass, Dependent’s            Pass or other recognised work pass entitling the holder thereof to remain, or enter and remain, in Singapore; and
b. Living or working in Singapore, or away from Singapore for no more than 180 days at any one time; and
i.  For an Adult, between 18 and 65 years old (both ages inclusive) on the first effective day of
the Policy, or up to eight (80) years old for renewal policies.
ii. For a Child, between 30 days and 18 years old or 24 years old for those registered as full
time students at an Educational Institution or national serviceman.

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