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Jewelry Get UPTO 80% OFF

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There’s an endless array of materials used in jewelry making—from diamonds and rubies to platinum and gold to even glass beads and leather. Thousands of pieces of jewelry made of all sorts of materials have been sold on eBay. Popular types of jewelry include:

  • Gemstone jewelry: From rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to brilliant garnets, amethysts, aquamarines, peridots, opals, citrines, topaz, and turquoise, precious gemstones and semi-precious gems remain popular on eBay. The Gemstones Buying Guide and Opals Buying Guide can help you learn more about your items.

  • Pearl jewelry: Buyers are always on the lookout for classic pearls and pearl jewelry. Visit the Pearls Buying Guide to learn the differences between freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, and South Sea pearls.

  • Diamond jewelry: Buyers are searching for diamonds in all grades and sizes, and in both loose stones and set in jewelry pieces. Visit the Diamonds Buying Guide to learn about the four Cs: cut, carat, clarity, and color.

  • Precious metal jewelry: Eternal platinum, classic gold, and sparkling silver make up many jewelry settings and are popular with buyers looking for jewelry that will last a lifetime. Visit the Precious Metals Buying Guide on eBay to discover the primary differences between the metals and learn the basics of precious metal purity.

  • Handcrafted, artisan, and ethnic jewelry: Jewelry designers often market their own creations to buyers looking for one-of-a-kind and hard to find pieces. Buyers love finding unique handcrafted work, ethnic and tribal jewelry from different cultures, or even colorful loose beads and other jewelry-making supplies.

  • Vintage and antique jewelry: Fine vintage jewelry and costume vintage jewelry from a particular era are very popular with buyers who are looking for a timeless or unique look. Buyers are interested in both original pieces and vintage reproductions that have an antiqued look.

  • Men’s jewelry: Jewelry isn’t just for the ladies. Some popular men’s jewelry includes rings, bracelets, chains, belt buckles, cufflinks, and tie tacks.

Along with different materials, jewelry comes in all sorts of pieces. Here are a few jewelry pieces that are popular on eBay:

  • Rings: Thousands of buyers come to eBay in search of a perfect ring, including fashion rings and gemstone rings, and even rings to be used as engagement rings and wedding bands.

  • Necklaces and pendants: Necklaces and pendants are the perfect way to complement a dress or shirt. Buyers are looking for necklaces and pendants of all sizes, including chokers that sit close to the neck, short, medium, and long strands, long lariats, and chains.

  • Earrings: Popular earring styles include dangle earrings, hoop earrings, or elegant and simple stud earrings.

  • Bracelets and charm bracelets: Bangle bracelets, beaded bracelets, and cuff bracelets can help make a fashion statement while tennis bracelets, traditional charm bracelets, and modular Italian charm bracelets make thoughtful gifts—perfect for eager buyers of all ages.

  • Body jewelry: Jewelry to adorn your ankles, toes, and belly are popular in the Body Jewelry category.



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