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Skillshare is an online learning community based in the United States for people who want to learn from educational videos. The courses, which are not accredited, are only available through paid subscription For creative and curious people, with hundreds of lessons on subjects including design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. Members of Skillshare collaborate to discover inspiration and advance in their creative endeavours.

where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class. Anyone can join Skillshare to start watching online classes, create projects, and even become a teacher.  Skillshare works in order to reduce the professional skills gap and offer affordable, top-notch learning to everyone. Skillshare helps individuals to develop their professions, better their lives, and pursue the work they love by teaching the skills required in tomorrow’s world.

Anyone who wants to discover their hobbies or develop new skills will benefit greatly from taking lessons on Skillshare. Beginner to expert level classes are offered, allowing beginners to explore their curiosities and professionals to perfect their skills.


How do I start a class?

Once you’ve discovered a class, make sure it’s the correct one for you by reading the description on the About tab. Start watching the videos right away after that. All done now! To see what you’ll produce and to see what other students have done, visit the Projects & Resources area. To ask questions and get to know other students who are observing the class, go to the Discussions area.

How do I access class materials or additional resources?

To access class resources, go to the Projects & Resources area of the course.

How do I contact my teacher?

By going to the class’ Discussions area and starting a new conversation, you may interact with your teacher and classmates. You’ll probably learn useful information from other students in the class, even though the teacher might not be able to answer all of your questions.

How do I download videos for offline viewing?

Learn while you’re on the road! Members may access offline viewing using both iOS and Android applications. As soon as you’re online, select a class and click the Download Class button. You will be able to click on each video and watch it offline once all of the class courses have downloaded.

Please be aware that at this time, videos are only accessible within the app for offline watching and download.

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